Hello and welcome!

Hello there!!

Thank you for visiting! This is a little journey that I’m really excited about. I have been married for three months and it’s already been full of many cooking victories and many cooking mishaps. I want share with you a little of this adventure of being a young wife learning how to feed a man and make a home. Don’t worry though! My recipes will not be all meat and potatoes…however, I have figured out that men, or my man at least, don’t prefer (aka they hate) vegetarian meals, so there will be plenty of meat making its way onto this little internet space.

So to start things off, I thought I’d share an easy but truly delicious variation of Mexican Grilled Corn.*After two nights in a row of Greek food-my favorite, the hub’s sort of least favorite, I decided it’d be best to do something simple. This combined with the fact that we bought a grill (!!!!), brought about a delicious summer meal of grilled salmon, grilled corn, and grilled bread. Ever since eating this last night all I can think about is grilling things! However, the hubs told me that it’s really his job to do the grilling, ok, that’s fine, because it’s really fun to cook dinner together.

Try this corn!


4 corn on the cob (which is currently super on sale!)

1 teaspoon chili powder

1 teaspoons of salt–give or take according to your personal saltiness

2 limes cut in half

butter to roll the corn in


Grill the corn! I like to do this with the corn shucked but with the husks still on. (see picture) Grill it till it gets a little bit blackened. Roll each piece of corn in lots of butter. Squeeze each half of the lime on one piece of corn. Sprinkle corn with salt and chili powder.

Then, eat!  Hope you like it!

*the reason I call this a variation of Mexican Corn is because regular Mexican Corn has mayonnaise on it rather than butter. The hubs and I really strongly dislike mayonnaise.

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