Summertime Grilled Pizza

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Grilled food just seems so appealing in the summertime. Last week I found a few recipes for grilled pizza and was instantly inspired to make one of my own. My favorite things to grill are chicken and fruit, so it seemed perfect to make a pizza highlighting these two ingredients. I chose plums because they are sweet, tart, and on sale! Combined with roasted garlic, grilled onion and green pepper, mozzarella cheese, parsley and fresh bacon, this is a spectacular and summery meal.

I love making my own pizza dough, but this time I added too much water. Beware of this because your dough will be wet and sticky and difficult to work with. Because of this we ended up making two smaller pizzas, rather than one big one. But with the right homemade dough or even store bought-it would work perfectly! Thankfully all of the ingredients covered our dough’s imperfections. Oh and no need for sauce on this pizza-it is flavorful without it; in fact I think a tomato sauce would disrupt the other tastes. Enjoy!


One chicken breast

Two plums

One green pepper

Half of a yellow onion

Four pieces of crispy bacon

One bulb of garlic

salt and pepper

1 teaspoon of garlic salt

1/2 teaspoon of crushed red pepper



Turn on grill to the highest temperature. Cut the top off of the garlic bulb drizzle with 1 teaspoon olive oil and wrap in foil. Throw it on the grill. Coat the chicken breast on both sides with olive oil, garlic salt, crushed red pepper, salt and pepper. Put on the grill. Cut the green pepper in half, take out all seeds and put that on the grill. Cut the plum in four slices-place on grill. Cut up onion, place on grill.

Once all of the grilled items are cooked through and have grill marks on both sides, take off the grill and cut them into bite size pieces. The garlic will take the longest-all of this depends on the heat of your grill. You’ll know the garlic is ready when you can squeeze it and the garlic comes out like a soft paste.

Cover your pizza dough with olive oil and place that side down on the grill. Cover the grill and let the dough get dark with some bubbles in it. Coat the upside with olive oil and flip. Brush more olive oil on and add the ingredients starting with the mozzarella cheese.

Our pizzas turned into a big pile because we just kept adding more and more-but they were truly delicious! The saltiness of the chicken and bacon paired with the sweet, tangy plum was summery and perfect.

3 Comments on “Summertime Grilled Pizza”

  1. Bryanna says:

    I love that is called for 1 “bulb” of garlic. Not too many people would go for a whole bulb but the Martin’s feel really good about it! From one garlic lover to the next. 😉

  2. Mike R says:

    that’s some fancy pizza!

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