Hello hello!

Hi hi! I am here and yes I still love to cook!

Goodness, we have been busy for the last almost two months since I posted! My first excuse for going so long is that we went to South Africa for a month as part of the church planting training we are currently a part of. We had an incredible time there, and after a week of being home, we launched into the bustle of the holidays: visiting family, watching football games, and eating lots and lots of food. Even though things are not slowing down as we approach Christmas, I’ve still been cooking and want to diligently share my ideas.

I wanted to make my grand debut back into the  realm of blogging with an out of this world recipe, but I’m not that on top of things yet. However, I did make an incredible Winter Chicken Soup last night that I’ll be sharing soon.

In the meantime here are some of my i-Phone picture food highlights from the last two months:

A fresh, beautiful salad from a little organic cafe in Cape Town, SA. Our team of twenty was very devoted to this little treasure and to this amazingly delicious salad with chicken, greens, avo, fresh seeds, and one of the best balsamic vinaigrettes I’ve ever tasted.

Cape Town has a Saturday morning market called the Old Biscuit Mill. Think of an outdoor Central Market or Whole Foods with food stands ranging from freshly made crepes to twenty kinds of pesto to sushi. Incredible. We stayed there for several hours trying the plethora of free samples and enjoying the crowds of people. I had a delicious sandwich with chicken and two kinds of pesto, we also devoured one of the best pizzas I’ve ever tasted: a crust of crispy focaccia, thin slices of parmesan and parma ham, arugula, and avocado all layered on a sweet tomato sauce drizzled with a thick balsamic. Oh my.

I catered a luncheon! Upon arriving home from SA, I was asked to cater a lunch for twenty. Definitely a learning experience and I hope to do it more. My roasted chicken salad with red pepper pesto and spinach with lemony artichoke salad was a hit! For dessert (not pictured) I served lemon bars and s’mores brownies. This person clearly loves jalapenos.

Thanks for stopping by! Visit again soon for some winter recipes.





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