What We Love about Dallas

Visiting our families in & around Dallas is always a treat! Last week, my parents planned a family “stay-cation” for us in Dallas. We spent the mornings enjoying good conversation, hot coffee & hearty brunch around the breakfast table while in the afternoons we enjoyed the city. My parents did a great job of planning and I hope you get some ideas for Dallas adventures.

My parents have a beautiful backyard and pool that feels like an oasis!

Day one brunch, Cajun style: leftover jambalaya with a fried egg, fresh fruit & coffee!

Afternoon on Lake Ray Hubard! We rented a pontoon for the afternoon and had a great time tubing, swimming and relaxing. We loved that Matthew’s parents joined us and we enjoyed dinner at The Flying Saucer , which has delicious and creative burgers. I didn’t get a pic, but my San Miguel burger with chorizo, avocado, pico de gallo, and queso fresco was flavor packed and delicious.

Visiting the George W. Bush Library was incredible! The museum portion is an in depth look into George W.’s presidency. The designers did a fabulous job making the museum highly educational and interactive.

After enjoying the best-ever chips, salsa, margaritas and fajitas at our all time favorite Tex-Mex restaurant, Mi Cocina, we ventured to the Bishops Art District for dessert at Emporium Pies. This gem of a pie shop was opened a year ago by our friend Megan and her business partner. The pies are phenomenal and the atmosphere is bright and cozy. We shared the French chocolate silk with pretzel crust, the deep dish apple with cinnamon streusel, and the coconut custard. Trust me, you don’t want to go through life without tasting these pies.


On our last full day, we went to Bowl and Barrel. This is absolutely the coolest bowling experience ever. Forget about carpeted walls and smokey air, this swanky uptown restaurant/bar/boutique bowling is hip, clean, and the food is incredible! We loved trying an assortment of appetizers.


House made fries with sweet ketchup and ranch, a hot pretzel with grainy mustard, mimosas, beer from the tap, bacon wrapped goat cheese stuffed figs, fried cayenne quail, and Texas cheese fondue. Divine!


Dad was quite proud of his victory!

The whole week was a blast, but my favorite part was taking a cooking class as a family at Central Market! We received excellent, hands on instruction as we cooked a three course western-inspired meal. Our instructor explained each step and we learned new skills as we chopped, diced, stirred and mixed. Our meal was delicious: avocado, grilled tomato, corn and red onion salad, stuffed flank steak with cheesy grits and roasted vegetables, and skillet blueberry cobbler.



We feasted a lot this week, so our last brunch was a lighter family favorite: Greek yogurt with fresh fruit, pecans, toasted coconut and maple syrup.

I cannot express how much I love my family! I’m so thankful my parents invited us to this family “stay-cation” and worked so hard to make it fun and special. I highly recommend any and all of the things we did in Dallas and I hope you try them.
What are your favorite things about Dallas?

6 Comments on “What We Love about Dallas”

  1. Casey says:

    What a fun read about your trip!!! You’re so good with words, and with food. We have so much in common :)Keep posting!

  2. Diann Garnett says:

    Aww! Thanks for writing, Jilly, I relived the fun all over again. And thank you for your ever grateful heart. What a joy to spend time with our adult children! Priceless!

  3. Kelly Kaatz says:

    I want to go on a stay-cation in Dallas!! 🙂 Sounds wonderful!

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